More Iphone Thoughts from a Non Groupie

After a rocky start I am quite liking it but not yet blown away.

The original frustrating issue – not being able to connect to my own wireless network – was solved by getting another router. This was something we needed to do anyway and everyone in the house is much happier with the strength of the ‘N’ signal over the ‘G’. But it doesn’t explain it… And as I sit in my in-laws home in Moore River I also can’t connect to their wireless network with the same phone…

To be precise, the phone detects the network, shows that it is connected but will not download data. Weird. My router was a netgear and this one is a belkin – both older models I am guessing, but I wouldn’t have thought the type of signal would be the issue?

This is a frustrating issue when out of 3G range as the connectivity is the aspect I enjoy the most.

As a phone I can’t complain. It makes and recieves calls – but then I doubt anyone buys a phone these days simply for these features – ironic? I have a Nokia 1100 at home with a black and white screen and no functions at all, but the battery life of a Beduoin camel. I have occasionally contemplated just using that – but then its not about the ‘phone’ qualities – is it?…

I’m not sure that the iphone has increased my social standing as I had hoped. I have flashed it around my neighbours a few times, but they haven’t gooed and gahed as I had imagined they would – bloody philistines. I had expected that girls would be more likely to smile at me in cafes and that more people would want to be my friend on facebook… I thought I would feel stronger, more chic and sexy. I had expected that more people would be pointing me out as the cool guy… I guess even with an iphone I am still a greying middle aged man… oh well maybe the next status toy will do it for me (tongue out of cheek now – in case you were wondering)

I have found myself browsing the range of apps for iphone quite regularly and I do like the scope of these tools/toys. I know you can pick up similar for Nokia etc, but I never did as it all seemed too difficult. These are interesting and novel – or maybe just a reflection on how dull my life is…

I am still getting used to the whole process of adding video or music via itunes. I haven’t found that a simple process at all. I don’t know if its supposed to be easier, but if you didn’t have the time or patience to play around you’d be frustrated pretty quickly. I think I’ve got it sussed now, but not as straight forward as I had hoped.

As far as appearance goes – I like it. Simplicity is good and the lack of places for grit to get stuck is a welcome change from my E65. I will be keeping it and have ordered the necessary protection to try and keep it from looking like my current phone does! Landscaping work lends itself to things getting dirty and scratched so we’ll see how we go…

So – all in all I’m pretty happy with it and enjoying learning.

Yes, battery life is still not real good and I don’t see an easy work around, but for now I’m willing to accept this as a limitation.

Anyway I’m off to get an apple tattooed under the grey hairs on my chest this morning… Maybe this summer I will be ‘the man’…cherry falls dvd download

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8 thoughts on “More Iphone Thoughts from a Non Groupie

  1. Mark – it is possible to won a mobile and not be in continuous contact with the world if;

    A) you turn it off, or;

    B) you don’t tell anyone your number, and/or;

    C) if like me, you have no friends

  2. Or maybe – like me – you like constant contact?

    I must admit one of the attractive elements of all the latest technology is the ability to interactive completely selfishly.

    I can answer my mobile when I like (and I do!)

    I can check facebook, but not have to interact if I don’t want to.

    I can turn my skype to ‘away’ etc etc

    Seriously – it is when these things rule our lives that we are in trouble.

    I do see a danger in enjoying the shallow interactions and mistaking it for ‘friendship’, but then it can also be a place for fun and the kind of catch ups that would never be possible in a pre-net age.

    Like everything – there are pros and cons and chances of getting out of kilter

  3. I’m not strong enough to exercise the amount of control it would take to keep me from checking in with the blog world – I’m still addicted and have to keep my pc turned off and the door to my office closed to stay off the net. No way no how could I own an iphone. But, I’m glad you are liking yours Hamo :0)

  4. Grendel,

    You are right now I feel like one of those stupid people who make stupid comments in the TV guide when all they need do – is turn the BLOODY thing off!!! –

    I still agree with Hugh Mackay when he says, the undisputed champion of the IT revolution …. the mobile phone. Continuous contact possible (except if you are with Telstra),you are in touch, you are in demand, you’re loved, you’re wanted, needed – indispensable even –

    so, Grendel go get some friends and hear that maddening, infruriating, BEEP BEEP of an incomming text message ….

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