More of the Same?…

January is that time when I sit down and do planning for the remainder of the year.

My rough conclusion after some time spent over the last week is that 2006 will largely be ‘more of the same’. That is hardly inspiring is it?!…

But it feels kinda like where I am at. I don’t have any BHAGs for 2006 and I don’t think its all that smart to invent them just to have them there.

When it comes to work:

Upstream – simply needs us to keep developing presence in the community and relationships with the people God leads us to, as well as our own cohesion as a team. I have some small issues I think we can pay attention to and make adjustments on, but I don’t think we see any big ‘hills to take’ at the moment and I don’t want to invent goals to feel like we are doing something! I believe if God wants to set something in front of us at any point in the year then we’ll rise to the challenge, but for now its ‘steady as she goes’.

Forge – needs ongoing development and continued networking. No huge developments here. We are not trying to pull off any great new projects (apart from the Conference March 1-4) But it needs continued leadership and development at a sustainable pace. There are a couple of new initiatives in that I will be teaching ‘Future Church’ at Perth Bible College in semester 1 and a similar course in semester 2 at Harvest West college if all the course outlines get approved. I’d also like to explore the possibility of doing a day or weekend Forge seminar in a regional centre like Busselton or Albany. So if any of you country guys reckon we can make it happen then drop me an email.

Baptist Youth Coaching – nothing really new here at all. I just keep meeting with the guys/girls as they would like to. I will try and read a couple of decent coaching books but that’s about it. This is a very simple role, yet also one I see as incredibly important. I have really enjoyed the relationships I have made this year with out youth pastors and look forward to keeping going here.

On a more personal note, some of the things I’d like to do include:

– possibly a scuba course (I like to learn one significant ‘new thing’ each year and this could be it) Its just pretty expensive for courses and gear…. we’ll see.

– explore study options and make a decision by September what I will do (see post below)

– plan a 3 week holiday somewhere in the year not linked to any work committments (will need to block that in now I think!)

– redo some paving in the backyard – its been frustrating me for a while now, so I need to get it done.

– investment – learn more about the best way for us to use money wisely and invest for the future. We are in the process of building an investment property and epxect to learn a lot around the middle of the year. Hopefully not hard lessons!

– be more efficient with my personal disciplines – spirituality, exercise and diet (this one is an ongoing one…)

The year just gone has felt like one of the most satisfying I have had in a long time – yet at times also quite frustrating. I like to move fast and achieve a lot. Last year I moved steadily and didn’t achieve as much. However in those 12 months I didn’t get sick once, I rarely felt oveworked, pressured or run down, enjoyed life and did still get a fair bit done.

I have discovered that when I am in achievement mode I am not such a nice (easy going/relaxed) bloke to be around. I can be quite driven.

However in this more balanced mode I get much less done, but I think I’m easier to live with and a bit more likable.

Its a discipline for me to live at a sustainable pace, but its gradually becoming more and more of a way of life. As I thought today about planning some huge goals and really driving hard I just didn’t warm to it any more. When I live like I do at present I am able to have a great relationship with my wife and kids, I can be available to spend time with friends and I’m able to enjoy life.

Its always about living in the tension!

So… 2006 will be the year of ‘steady as she goes’. While that does not inspire me at all, I have a sense that this is what God asking of me. I’m sure along the way challenges will arise and ideas will inspire me, but right now its all quite vanilla.

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