More on the Safran Exorcism

It seems that episode of Safran v God really stirred people up.

The key question seems to be ‘was it real?’

Other comments in Andrew Denton’s guestbook can be read here, as well as an interview with Safran & Rachel Kohn here and other viewer comments here.
(Thanks Jarrod!)

He obviously experienced something that impacted him…


Nah, that couldn’t be… could it?…

Here’s one person’s reflection from the SBS feedback site:

2004-10-18 23:13:32
The final episode was absolutely gripping.
Makes you wonder if there’ll be any further series of Safran Versus God. The excorcism is certainly the most tangible proof of a religious entity that has been shown in the show. Or anywhere else that i’ve witnessed, for that matter.
When you see that kind of stuff happening to strangers on tv you can dismiss it as fake, but when it happens to John it kinda screws with your head. I don’t want to believe that our faithful Mr Safran would act up for tv, but neither do i want to believe that reading a book about Zen and having lustful thoughts has filled me with screeching devils and condemned me to the “pit”..

So what do we believe?

4 thoughts on “More on the Safran Exorcism

  1. I thought maybe John could have been putting on an act. As I kept watching it seemed the words of the preacher were disturbing something unknown in his mind. The way his facial expressions and screaming would come in waves of absolute panic or frenzy. He claims to have no memory of those moments. There’s some strange things out there that can’t be explained. Maybe messing with those pagan and Satanic religions brought a demon into his mind. I’ve heard of real things similar happened when people start meddling with powers or things evil, that they know nothing about.

  2. I was almost possesed by a demon. I messed around with the occult before also. Trust me only Jesus has the power to remove them. Safran was searching and he found out. From my experiences with demons, he was probally really scared.

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