More Random Camping Reflections

Some days kids can be complete little turds. This was one of them. Of course parents can be big turds too… but they can get away with it easier… That’s all I have to say about that.

‘Take it In’ by The Waifs has been a song we have listened to as we travel. It has that great message of enjoying every moment and we have been trying to do this as best we can. It kicks off with these words – that mean so much more now… (and yes – it was hard for me to admit to listening to The Waifs 🙂

now she’s thinking of the red soil and those mango trees

well in her mind she’s still splashing round down on cable beach

and her eyes are as rich and as far away

as the sunset there

but she’s not taking in a word i say

so i might as well be talking to my self

take it in, take it all in

now is the time that will not come again

take it in take it all in

this is the day and its here for the living

I have begun planning the next trip – checking out other vans – working out which 4WD would be the best etc. The BTB is a great car but at 25l/100km it is an embarrassment! The Jayco Camper is pretty cool, but perhaps next time bunks for the kids and a bathroom on board would be better. It would have been better this time too, but we made a compromise on the bigger van in the quest for better fuel economy… Oh well… diesel next time I think…

We took the camper off-road for the first time to Palm Springs and gave it a fair old rattle. A few things came apart and a bit of repair & cleaning work is required. I did some of it today and Danelle did the cleaning. We were headed into El Questro, but given the beating we gave the Jayco this week we thought we should let it recover and attend to what needs doing before giving it more grief.

I continue to imagine ways of never coming home, but just keeping on rolling… I’m sure it is doable and I’m even sure it would be a hell of an adventure! I am pretty confident that if we decided to, we could keep alive for several years in our current mode with occasional work. Of course that is the purely selfish side of me speaking and doesn’t pay any attention to what God may have in store for us. It also doesn’t consider two kids who regularly get homesick.

Our camping skills are improving. Pack up and set up are proving to be quite simple things to do now and the time it takes for us to do them has halved at least. For an overnight stop we can get set up in 10 or 15 minutes with no trouble and for a few days – where we unpack the car and put the annexe up it takes us about an hour or so depending on how fast we choose to go. Its nice to be able to do this a bit more efficiently.

I have loved seeing the changing landscape as we have moved north up the state. I honestly couldn’t say which part I have found most attractive, but having arrived in Kununurra today, I have to say this part of the Kimberley is right up there. I didn’t expect such a lush and ‘mountainous’ area nor for it to be so beautiful, but if it weren’t for the weather in wet season I don’t think I’d want to leave this part of the world.

Having said that I haven’t had that ‘I could live here’ feeling yet that I have had a few times in the south west of WA. That’s always a good thing, because I doubt it would happen in the near future anyway.

11 thoughts on “More Random Camping Reflections

  1. you will enjoy them so much more when you see them live next time now that you have a tune to sing along to 🙂

  2. I used to live in Karratha. I now miss the red dirt plains,the rock pools, driving out to millstream, karajini, exmouth, cyclone surfing at point samson and diving off dampier.

    It’s a big bewdiful country alright.

    Enjoy every second – even when the kids are turds. Soon enough, it will all be a memory.

  3. I must admit reading your blog about the trip is a bit like watching a car accident…let me explain. I know I want to take it all in, but at the same time it makes me so restless and … aghh nope the car accident illi did not work. Ummm Well whatever all I want to do it shove the job (THAT YOU GAVE ME YOU JERK!) and get in my Jakaroo with my fam and follow you guys into the wild blue yonder…listening to the Waifs, ok maybe apart from the last bit 🙂

  4. Hey Hamo,

    There is nothing wrong with listening to The Waifs!! I’ve seen them live a niumber of times and they’re great.

    p.s. my friend just wrote an article on stoop magazine ( about gas mining in the Kimberley… I’d be interested to hear your thoughts considering you’re there right now…?

  5. no lambert!! 🙂

    maybe parts of their latest album… yes there are few hard to listen to moments… BUT, “Up all Night” is a classic.

    Bob Dylan asked the mto tour with him for aa couple of years so they can’t be that bad! 😉

  6. lambert…

    i think i now understand why we are not agreeing…! 🙂

    rob zombie is fine, as long as you like your scream laiden noise laced with drug induced hallucinogenic manifestations of satan! 😉

    oh well…

    my friend has a saying: all music is crap; it’s just,”what crap do you like?”

  7. nice one lambert!

    We can definitely agree on Johnny Cash! How he and Rob Zombie can sit side by side on your shelf is a mystery to me though!

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