More Random Camping Reflections


We are now 9 weeks into the trip with 19 to go…

In the last week we have been in Darwin and Litchfield park checking out the

many beautiful things there are to see. We stayed at a newly erected caravan

park called Pandanus on Litchfield and it was probably the best value we

have had thus far. Caravan parks average $38-40 / night, but this one was

$27 and came with an ensuite. Admittedly it still needed a few finishing

touches but it was one of the best value places we have come across.

Darwin was nice and actually very cold for two or three of the nights we

were there. We were rugged up and wearing jumpers around at night. The days

were still warm to hot though and often a bit muggy.

It sounds terrible to say, but I’m actually a bit ‘over’ waterfalls, plunge

pools and beautiful rugged scenery… The NT has been sensational and we

have loved everything that we have seen and done, but it seems that there

comes a time when you say ‘oh come on… not another waterfall…’

* Today we made the effort to check out Edith Falls just north of Katherine

as we headed back down and began the journey towards Qld. Yep… it was

beautiful – stunning and all those things, but it took some effort. Right

now it’d be nice to have a change of scenery. I thought I was the only

‘heretic’ and then today as we were leaving Litchfield, we bumped into Craig

and Jill (fellow travelers from Mindarie) who expressed similar sentiment. I

guess it’s the ‘too much of a good thing’ problem…

* Actually I have been ruminating (sounds painful doesn’t it?…) on a quote

from Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1. You may well be asking what the hell

does H IV have to do with anything?… But the quote (which I had to learn

for my year 12 English Lit exam) says “If all the year were playing sport,

to holiday would be as tedious as to work”. I have felt that a little over

the last week as I have experienced some tedium in the journey. I’m not

ready to come home yet, not even close, but I have to acknowledge that for a

person who likes ‘stuff to get on with’, I have felt a little too laid back

at times.

Before anyone yells at me that I am supposed to be on holidays and that it

is ok, I am aware of that, but its just one my own personality traits, to be

productive… so occasionally I will struggle with simply sitting and doing


Blogging allows me to feel like I am ‘doing something’!

* While we’re on personality traits, little Miss Homesick continues to

struggle with being away. Yesterday she reminded us that no matter how good

any of our trip was (Cable Beach, Emma Gorge, Wangi Falls etc) nothing

actually matched up to being at school… I’d so love to take her home for 6

weeks and watch her face… Its been a challenge being sympathetic and yet

also having to tell her to snap out of it because it ruins the vibe for

everyone else.

* A completely different personality trait would be that of Sam who is in no

hurry anywhere. He eats baked beans one bean at a time… and rice one grain

at a time… seriously… He is always the last one finished at any meal –

often because he just doesn’t even notice that it’s been put in front of

him. He’s a wonderful little bloke and we’ve been having lots of fun, but

meal times do take a while!

The kids have been growing in confidence with their swimming, Sam

especially. A couple of days back he swam about 50 m with me out to Wangi

Falls and back again. Its great to see them developing in that way.

* School has been rolling along quite nicely abeit repetitively! I had

forgotten how much of lower primary is doing the same stuff over and over

(and over). I find it hard not to get bored so I tend to invent new things

to do to teach the same old stuff. On days when I can’t think of anything I

almost fall asleep while sitting with them.

* It will be interesting to see what state the Jayco is in when we come

home. I think these things were made for a family to take on holidays 2 or 3

times a year and the rest of the time lock in a garage. I’m not sure anyone

envisaged a family of 4 taking on Australia with it. We have had to do a few

running repairs where seating frames have broken and odd bits and pieces

have come apart. Its not about to die yet, but we do wonder how it will look

after another 4 months.

* Miscellaneous items continues to be the bane of the budget. It seems that

every week you discover something new that you ‘need’. This week we managed

to purchase a small inverter to run a few appliances when we are in an

unpowered situation and also to power the laptop for a few movies as we do

the big drive to Qld. Danelle also saw that Woolies were offering 30% off a

6 pack of wine so spent some $$ on that. We have been surviving on el cheapo

wines and casks so to actually have some decent stuff will be a treat.

* I’m not sure I should mention it, but The Secret Seven have been the kids

nightly fodder listening to the often painful adventures of the precious and

annoying Peter and his spiffingly jolly nice friends. I remember loving them

as a kid, but they seem so dated now. The book’s language is a reminder of

how much things change… Might need to get hold of Lockie Leonard…

* Of particular note in Darwin is the daily promo for the headlines in the

local newspaper. It seems to be a challenge to come up with something a bit

wackier each day. Today’s concerned a ‘Horny Emu’ while yesterday’s was

about ‘Nude Tourists Distracting City Workers’… It’d be funny if it

weren’t the city’s main rag!

Anyway, for those who are still following my inane holiday ramblings there’s

a random collection of thoughts that reflects a little bit of my brain stew

for the past week

We are camped on the side of the road tonight as we have blown this week’s

budget and are trying to save a few $$$. There are about 20 other vans and

campers in the same area listening to the road trains thunder by.

So at 9.05 on a Friday I’m off to bed…

2 thoughts on “More Random Camping Reflections

  1. Oh yes Peter from The Secret Seven used to annoy me too. I remember reading it as a kid and wanting to slap him because he wouldn’t let the girls go on adventures. What one earth were they there for? Admin?

  2. Yes – I noticed the headlines of the paper last week when I was in Darwin too; noticed that exact one in fact! Thought about seeing if you were still in Darwin but since I was there briefly for a celebration of my uncle’s life I gave it a miss – all the same I thought it would be amusing catching up in a third city when we come from two other cities in australia!

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