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adventures of don juan dvd – The decision to travel predominantly on LPG hasn’t been as good as I had hoped. It seems that up here the cost of LPG proportionate to petrol is much higher than in Perth. For example in Perth LPG is 55c/l and petrol is $1.13 (ie 48% of the cost) but up here LPG is around 95c/l and petrol is $1.35 (ie 70%). It is also less available and if we were a dedicated gas car we would have been stuck several times by now. I know this area can be traveled purely on gas, but when your fuel economy is 4km/l or 400km to a tank then it makes it trickier. We have a fuel range of around 650km on both tanks which is enough to cover most spans, but I am wondering if diesel might have been a better way to go… I am guessing the extra cost for LPG is in the transportation, but given probably 70% of our trip will be across remote areas we may pay more than we thought. I am glad I budgeted at 90c/l because so far we have averaged 90.5c/l.

12V Fridges avapro private parts movie – We had our car wired with an Andersen plug to power the fridge on 12v while driving but you might as well have stuck an ice block in it as the effect is about the same. We have had days when it seems the fridge has not worked and other days when it seems to have kept stuff from getting warm, but it is clear that fridges do not work at all well on 12v power. I have done a fair bit of online reading and talking with other campers about this issue and no one is raving about their fridge’s 12v performance. Be aware…

Family – Camping with family means you spend 24 hrs of each day with one another. ‘Duh’ you might say, but it is one of the implications I hadn’t really considered. It means we have kids constantly with us, asking for food, wanting something to do and generally just being children. I guess I wasn’t as prepared for the constant contact and I have had to adjust. We all get on pretty well however Ellie is going thru quite a sultry stage and has been interesting at times…

Home schooling – Home schooling isn’t real hard, but getting motivated to do it is…As much as the kids learn plenty by just being on the road it is still importance to do some basic numeracy and literacy stuff. In the heat of the day (9-3) it is hard for all us to be bothered with anything that requires serious effort.

People – We have met some interesting people along the way. One of the grey nomads next to us at present is the ‘chilli lady’ and has some sensational chilli recipes which we have been able to try. As a chilli lover that has been a winner. One of the families we met here in Barn Hill are from Melbourne – Greg & Danielle & kids. Our kids have hit it off with theirs and no doubt we will bump into one another along the way again – good people!


– I have started writing a novel, one that has been percolating for a while, but it is much harder than I had thought. I think part of the issue is that I don’t have a clear way of approaching the task. I made a plan / outline of what I hope to write and I know my basic theme and plotline quite well, but I find just sitting and letting it flow is actually more effective. I am a little overwhelmed by the immensity of the task and thinking it might take several years rather than several months.

Tyres – I learnt something about tyres. The tyres on the patrol were around 10 years old but because it had only done low kms they still had a bit of tread left on them. I took them to the local Tyrepower guy and asked his opinion – always tricky when someone has a vested interest – but he showed me how the steel belt was starting to separate from the tyre and explained that despite the remaining tread on the tyre they were not good for any long distance traveling as they would separate easily. It seems tyres have a 6-7 year life whether you use them up or not. They would have been ok around the city, but not for long distance heavy duty driving. If I’d tought about it I would have changed the camper tyres at the same time. They had hardly been worn at all, but as the camper is a 2001 model they were not as healthy as they looked. Five km out of Geraldton the steel belt came off one and we limped in on the tube. From there we replaced both camper tyres as chances were the other would have spat the dummy halfway down the road also. So – old tyres – even with heaps of tread – can be very dodgy.

4 thoughts on “More Random Camping Reflections

  1. Mate, you seem to be having a blast and learning boggins. Nice work.

    Just wondering if you got my return email today? I got a ‘I’m not listening’ auto-reply, and just thought I’d check that you were able to get it.

    If not, let me know, and I’ll post my reply elsewhere for you to grab, in whatever form is required.

    Travel safe,


  2. Hamo – your incidental budget appears to be taking a hammering!!!!

    You guys will be eating 2 minute noodles soon for the rest of the trip!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the wisdom you’re gaining from experience there, Hamo. (Experience is the best teacher… although the tuition fees are usually expensive!)

    Ah, the costs of fuel… they find ways to get you no matter what you do. Diesel was cheap, then got popular, then wasn’t cheap any more. LPG is cheap, and is becoming popular, and so the price is going to start creeping up.

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