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I picked this one up last night while we were camped in Jindabyne and it was another ‘different’ type of movie that did an excellent job at stirring thought.

Funnily enough it revolves around a ‘Mens Group’ that meets weekly and the struggles of the men within the group. Its very Australian and so the language is equally ‘Australian’… don’t rent it if you are easily offended by 4 letter words, but if you are interested in seeing the raw struggles that men face in family relationships then this movie is the one to get hold of.

I like movies that have a raw brutality about them and that don’t end in hugs and kisses – life is rarely like that – so to see the broken lives of the men in the story and to see that all is not well by the end of the story was somewhat satisfying.

Its only when you see a few movies ending with looses ends and tragedy that you realise how the vast majority seem to finish with very unrealistic and unsatisfying ‘happy endings’.

I wish there were more happy endings in life, but I appreciate movies that help me to live in and confront the world we actually live in as opposed to the one we wish for.

If you work with blokes or if you simply want to get a glimpse into the struggles of men then check it out.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this one. I wonder if it’s in the States? I’m not sure I agree with you about wanting movies to end realistically. Maybe every once in a while I like that, but most of the time I like the “happy endings.” I know life isn’t like that. Maybe that’s why I like them – they remind me that this isn’t how life’s supposed to be. Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. Still, every once in a while, it’s good to see a realistic ending. However, I definitely didn’t like the ending for “The Perfect Storm.” That was too realistic and depressing.

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