Mum T – Great Woman – Ordinary Movie

Tonight a few of us went to see Mother Theresa (the movie) at the Picadilly. Thanks for the heads up Scott

She was one hell of a woman! In a recent post I was reflecting on apostolic women and what shape they take. I reckon she’s a great picture of that kind of woman. Driven by compassion, an indomitable spirit, amazing courage and faith and a sensational get up and go approach to life. She was an inspiration to many.

Sadly the movie was low budget and somewhat cliched in its approach which actually left me a bit disapointed. There were predictable scenes and music as well as a pretty shoddy storyline which tottered around all over the place.

In spite of itself the movie still gave insights I didn’t have previously and was grateful for.

Perhaps one of my greatest memories of MT was the day she died… the day after Princess Diana… Diana had the front 5 pages for two weeks. MT got a quarter page on page 9 the day she died and then was not mentioned any more.

It spoke loud and clear about what we value.

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