My Life


At last my life is taking a little shape.

After a year of fairly chaotic living I can look to next year and see some direction forming. I will be dividing my time between three main roles (in terms of day to day activity).

– leading the Brighton team – maybe 2-3 days (we still don’t have a name so ‘the Brighton team’ is all I can think of to call us)
– developing Forge here in WA for around 1-2 days
– teaching Phys Ed to year 6 & 7 students at Kingsway Christian College on Thursdays and Fridays

The Brighton/Forge stuff overlaps nicely and the teaching will be a good place to ‘rest’ from leadership responsibilities. As much as I enjoy taking the initiative and developing new things there are days when it becomes tiring.

I didn’t want to teach at first, but I see it as a place where I can do something that I can do easily and well and even get paid for it. I am thinking I’ll maybe even enjoy it!

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