My Lucky Day… I think…

I got home from meeting with the Forge interns today and decided to head out for a bit of fish around the first reef.

I had all the gear ready to and was about to hitch the boat up when my parents arrived. Dad looked at my prop and asked about the ‘chip’ in it. ‘Is it a problem?’ I hadn’t noticed the ‘chip’… but when I saw it I felt sick.

All three blades had lost about half of their size. The prop was dead! That successful navigation thru shallow reef we thought we had done on Saturday wasn’t so successful after all. Ouch… I am seeing lots of $$$ at this point. I seem to remember $200-250 as a ball park for props.

I ring the first guy – $290.00 for a brand new or a recon 2nd hand. If I am happy with a ’15’ instead of a ’17’ I can reduce it to $170.00. I am stoked to save $120.00! So I tell him to hold it for me.

As I am about to leave for shop I suddenly wonder if its worth a quick scan over the online version of the Quokka. What are the chances of someone selling the exact prop I need?…

Of the three ads in the mag, one is for a bloke selling a broken down 115 Johnson with prop – prepared to separate the parts. I call. He still has the prop. ‘How much do you want for it?’

‘How much you want to pay?’



Deal done – prop on – wife happy!

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