My Wife Loves Leo Sayer

Yesterday there was palpable glee in the Hamilton home as Danelle discovered that one of the City of Wanneroo’s free concerts this year was a Leo Sayer event held right here in Brighton.

I have known of this character flaw for some time now, but have chosen to ignore it.

There are many things I love about my wife… Her Leo Sayer adoration is not one.

May God have mercy on her.

10 thoughts on “My Wife Loves Leo Sayer

  1. Maybe Danelle should check out the latest Wiggles DVD – he plays a star role in it. Absolutely terrifies Ethan and I understand why!

  2. Hamo, you are hardly one to judge. You yawned and chatted your way through John Butler Trio. I have seen the Wiggles version Bec. Just slightly scary!!! So sorry I have such poor taste, its just it takes me back to being 14 and sometimes, that is a nice place to be!!!

  3. Well, Leo the Lion aside, nice letter in the paper today, Hamo – mind you, taking the mick out of Don Jackson isn’t exactly tricky…! 🙂

    However, I thought you presented a more Christian perspective of the bible than Donny boy normally does…

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