Narnia and Mr Hamilton

Tonight I went to see Narnia with my friend Grendel download my blue heaven dvdrip constant gardener the dvd download – a wonderful movie!

As one who has never read the books, I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was engaging and every bit as enjoyable as I had hoped.

I find movies a powerful medium for helping me connect with God and this one was no exception. There were many images throughout that helped me see Jesus and the kingdom of God in ways I hadn’t before. Lots to mull through.

Afterwards we went for coffee where I bumped into two of my favourite students from my teaching days a long time ago. It was nice that at 32 years old they still had enough respect to call me ‘Mr Hamilton’ 🙂 If you happen to find this Kym and Peta then it was great to see you both again!

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