New Age, New Spiritualities DIY Spiritualities, whatever you call it

This Sunday I begin a three week series at Parkerville Baptist on the ‘New Age’ or whatever you choose to call it.

Week 1 will be convincing people of the importance of this movement and describing it
Week 2 will be along the lines of what we can learn from the New Age
Week 3 will be ways we can connect with new agers.

I did this series 3 years ago and its still one of my favourites. Its kinda ‘new age for dummies’ – a whole bunch of my own reading condensed and translated into the language of the average punter in the second row.

I’ve learnt a lot since then too, but as I reviewed it today, it seemed that it was reasonably close to the mark.

I’m not precious about sharing resources, copyright etc so if any of you want to do something similar and would like notes and powerpoint stuff then email me and I’l send it thru.

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