New Pope

My friend & ex co-pastor, Steve Smith is the man I affectionately refer to as the ‘pope’, our denominational leader who is retiring at the end of the year.

Today the news is out that after a long search the new man recommended for the job is Mark Wilson of Whitford Church of Christ.

In true Baptist form we need to vote on this (Aug 26th) before its a goer, but it seems all the lights are green for this to happen.

Mark and I go way back to when we were 18 years old and both volunteer leaders at Scarborough High School YFC Campus Life Club. Since then we have travelled very similar paths in that we both transitioned from youth pastors to team leaders in the same churches, but Mark seemed better suited to that kind of gig than me and he has continued at Whitford while I moved on to work in an experimental mission project.

Mark is very well suited to this kind of role and I’m sure will do a great job.

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