No Short Cuts

I was flicking thru some of Scottie’s pics from his northwest trip and came across this one.

Its the gravesite of Danelle’s grandparents. You can’t really make it out on the image but they were missionaries in the northwest from 1935-1987, 52 years…

52 years of being salt and light and loving aboriginal people… is it just me or is that a loooong time?

The statement at the bottom of the plaque sums it up well. “Tell our people we love them and will be waiting for them”. I was in Melbourne at the first Forge National Summit when Nana died. I went to visit her before I left and spent a little time with her – who ever looks forward to death?… This woman did because she had some incredible confidence in her God, that the best was yet to come.


Danelle was with her shortly before she died and told me that her words in respect to the aboriginal people she lived amongst were ‘tell my people that I love them’.

I have been inspired by these two ‘nobodies’ who never spoke at conferences, never wrote a book and for the most part lived their lives unnoticed.

But who did everything that was asked of them and more.


Couldn’t we do with a few more Erns and Alices in today’s self centred world?

6 thoughts on “No Short Cuts

  1. Thanks for that pic Andrew, I havent seen it (of course). I loved Alice very much and spent many a morning tea having a yarn to her. The Faulkner legacy is strong, and built on such good foundations as Ern and Alice. Cheers.

  2. Amen. These are the kind of people I really want to hear about. Not the last big name on the preaching circuit but solid warriors who have lived the day to day battles and left a lasting witness.

    Hamo, thanks for sharing this. Today I needed a bit of encouragement.

  3. Hehe!!!

    Simon my wife is related to half of Australia 🙂

    And yes – she is related to the Crouch’s in Melb. I’m guessing they are friends of yours?

    I have never met them, but am aware of the connection

  4. Yeah mate….its a reminder that the unnoticed here are noticed by Christ. No doubt the words they heard when they left here to be with Jesus were “Well done good and faithful servants” I can’t help thinking that the more we are applauded here the less we will there…partly as it’s the affirmation of others we so easily seek rather than the affirmation of faithfulness alone. It’s challenge…and a good one. Thanks.

  5. I took the snap…I have to say I had to wipe tears away many many time on the trip around the Kimberly with Graham Faulkner. In fact it is almost worth just pretending you are a Faulkner up there just to become famous…until they find out you are a fake:) There is sooo much honour given to these unassuming folks. Their grave is situated between 2 language groups in the ‘aboriginal section’ which kind of says it all! A classic quote from one lady as she placed her arm around Graham (Son of Ernest and Alice) – “You are not just my brother because you and I are followers of Christ, you are my brother because I am considered a daughter to your parents, they raised me – you really ARE my brother”

    Now I get misty eyed just writing that, imagine the mess I was standing listening to it!!

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