No Way!

I spent the last two days in the south west hanging out with the Binningup & Busselton crew as well as catching up with Steve Bailey of Christian Surfers. Steve’s a good bloke and I have been interested in how they have developed as a national movement. We are wearing some similar shoes – him as Nat Dir of CS and me of Forge.

On surfing though… (I still call myself a surfer, but not such a regular one these days) I had the classic surfer’s nightmare at Binningup yesterday. I left Andrew’s place around 8.30 and drove down to the beach to the sit and pray for a bit. The day before there had been some lumpy but decent surf around and there were 7 or 8 guys getting into it.


Today there was no one out and it was head high, offshore and clean… Argh…

The ultimate nightmare for a surfer is to be in the right place but unable to surf, so there I sat and watched wave after wave roll thru unridden as I did imaginary take offs cut backs and re-entries. I didn’t stay that long as it was driving me mad…

Having said that it was around 4 degrees C yesterday morning so it would have been a very cold surf if I could have managed it!

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