The new car has been brilliant.

It has plenty of grunt and does all the things I hoped it would. The only negative is that it isn’t quite as roomy as the old 60 series, but then it was humongous!

However there is a rattle/creak noise from the rear area that I can’t seem to track down. I have loosened and tightened everything I can get my hands on, but still to no avail.

Its amazing how annoying a small noise can be!

I will track this thing down though – if it kills me…

4 thoughts on “Noise

  1. For the first few months I owned our GQ i was constantly hunting down noises. Especially one occasional loud metallic clang. I went to the local nissan blokes, I went to our trusted mechanic, I read, enquired….. I tried everything. All the info i got back was the same, ‘Great trucks, but they rattle more than a toyo’.

    After a while I came to love my old truck with it’s bumps and bangs, and to trust that it wasn’t going to fall apart.

  2. Spence I can’t give up that easily!!

    Today was a bit of a flop though. I played around, disconnected stuff, reconnected, but no result.

    I will keep going…

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