NOT a Coffee

I would be the first to admit I am something of a coffee snob these days. I generally don’t drink coffee when I’m out unless I am going to a dedicated coffee shop where there is some guarantee of quality.

Lately though I’ve drunk a few Maccas coffees, picked up a coffee at a roadhouse on the Great Northern Highway and a few other places that would be generally considered off limits.

So yesterday when Ellie and I went to Sizzler for lunch I decided to give it a shot… The result is what you see above…

An automated machine spewed out the most vile looking and tasting stuff you can imagine. It resembles one of Sam’s science projects!

My tip for people buying coffee machines is stay well away from automated machines and buy a manual one – where you take control over the process. They are cheaper and you will end up producing a much better brew. But if your coffee ever looks like the one above feel free to tip it down the sink and start again…

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