Not Rocket Science! Mission in a Post-christian World

This is the title of one of my presentations at Forge this week. When you are faced with a whole new paradigm of mission and church to try and come to grips with it can be very exhilarating, but also quite disturbing and unnerving.

I know it freaks some people out – and can even sound like heresy. That is not a church!

The other day (for about the 4th or 5th time) I asked Danelle ‘are you sure you get what we are on about as backyard missionaries?’ You see her sum total of seminars attended and books read amounts to ‘0’! I think she is with us, but does she really get it?…

Her response…

“Its not really that difficult is it Andrew?! Its not rocket science!’

She gets it – because it is so so download wild the dvdrip

summer of sam online

simple. Which of course makes me wonder what it is about me that meant I needed to go to seminars, read books and spend countless hours discussing with people what she gets so easily?

You don’t need to answer that!

Essentially I want to speak with the group about the simplicity of mission and the very straightforward but often neglected ways in which we can connect with those around us.

I might share my 6 thoughts on here at some point to help other morons like me…

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