Not Tonight

Its been a big ‘people’ week.

That’s important because I am not a people person. I like download lady in the water free people, but I also need good chunks of ‘time out’ to recover and restore my energy. I’m what I describe as an ‘outgoing introvert’, ie. I can do real well in social situations and get on fine with all sorts of different folks, but after a while I need to withdraw to recharge. If I don’t, I start to get grumpy, nasty and sometimes a little ugly.

Today Sam turned 3 and we have had people here from 10.00-6.00pm. After the .acom retreat and a big day yesterday my people meter was reading ‘overload’.

I realised I was getting grumpy yesterday when I was walking up the circular walkway to catch the train at Leederville. A young guy was coming down the ramp on his skateboard and got mad at a mum wheeling a pram who was in front of him and made him stop skating. She didn’t see him, but I did and he made me angry. Without thinking I snapped at him ‘Its a bloody walkway!’

Oops… I don’t normally snarl at complete strangers, even if they deserve it.

Later in the shops three young guys were messing around on the escalators and nearly knocked an elderly couple over. My mental tape was snarling wildly again, but I managed to stay quiet. Then they jumped across and bumped into me. As they bumped into me, I pushed one of them off a little harder than I needed to. He knew it. I knew it. I think he also realised I was not up for any smartarse remark from an 18 year old. I think I also knew I was in need of some time away from people.

So Saturday morning comes around and 40 people come to Sam’s birthday… yeh… that’d work!

Sam loved his birthday. Danelle did a magnificent job. I survived. Tonight I was supposed to be going to an ’80’s party’ with some of the local Brighton folks. I’m obviously not there.



Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go out in public and not pick any fights…

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