NOT too Good to be True

There are days when skeptics like me get surprised and today was one of them.

This morning I downloaded my free full copy of Photoshop CS as described in the post below. After losing Photoshop in my re-install I was rather peeved and was just getting used to the idea of using a different program when this offer came thru via Rod’s blog

So the good news is that this offer is actually true.

Yeeha I say!download perfect assistant the good luck chuck divx online free 51st state the

2 thoughts on “NOT too Good to be True

  1. now they say it’s closed for the week. What the??? no use me doing the post… hoping they open it up again, i’d love to get Photoshop

  2. I checked them, too, and apparently they’ve closed the offer as of July 11 (and it’s hard to understand–apparently English isn’t their “mother tongue”). I emailed to confirm this and this is what they said:

    “This offer just open in one week and will be random open in other time for each month. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed to get update.

    “Thank you for your interesting.”

    So I guess we’ll see if they open it up again.

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