NT Wright in a Comedy Show…

Hard to imagine, but he holds his own with this nutjob!

Even manages to say some pretty useful stuff. This is a summary (amidst interruptions) of his book Surprised by Hope, where Wright critiques the common view of the afterlife.

5 thoughts on “NT Wright in a Comedy Show…

  1. nutjob? thats stephen colbert, a legend at the uncomfortable interview. he has had rick warren and all sorts on there, i am not entirely sure why the accept the invite to go on his show as i doubt they will increase their sales with his audience, but good on them for having a go at matching it with the comedy news men.

  2. Colbert is a liberal who gives his interpretation of Bill O’Reilly (a conservative host on Fox News). Like Roo said, the only reason people like Wright go on these shows is publicity to a mainstream audience. But I do laugh every time they try to steer the interview in a serious direction. It’s Comedy Central, not PBS (American equivalent of ABC)!

  3. After watching this video this morning I went and bought ‘Surprised by hope’ from our local Christian bookstore. See, it did get him a sale 😉

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