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Now that the Feb onslaught is finished I can get back to the NUI stuff. You know… the non-urgent important stuff – the stuff that always get neglected because there is too much pressing or because its just plain hard work.

Its the stuff of planning and dreaming and exploring – the stuff that really matters – all things I love, but also things that can easily get swept away in the hustle of life.

Today I have been thinking thru what our ‘core practices’ will be as a team. It is a challenge to ask what will we commit to doing as a team that will help us become the people and the community we really want to be?

You see any time you put things like these in place they require a level of disciple and intentionality that is sometimes beyond what we normally give. They also require a degree of accountability otherwise they are just words on a page and count for nothing.

We have a leadership meeting this coming Tuesday to discuss them and see what others are thinking on this front.

I am keen to ‘set the bar high’ but not so high that none of us can jump it. It is actually quite a challenge trying to articulate practices that maybe ought to flow from the heart but we know all too well we struggle to do. I don’t think it will be an easy task to implement these – in fact there are times when I reckon it could get very messy…

But, I am also sick of lame, ‘near enough is good enough’ discipleship so I’d like to try and travel with a bunch of people to some different experience of following Christ.

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