Off and Walking…

The last two days have been spent praying, thinking and deciding where my time will be spent this year.

I found it frustrating yesterday just trying to get focussed and assess my life and the year ahead. I just wanted to get up and meet with someone, tee some activities up, get something happening. It is such a temptation just to be an activist, but I know in my head that I am doing good stuff taking time now to reflect and decide where to invest energy rather than simply running full steam ahead.

Yesterday was difficult – overwhelming – swamping – today I think I am getting a bit of a handle on some of the year’s priorities and main projects and how I will aproach them.

A few years ago I moved away from pure goal setting to compiling a personal development plan. It involved goal setting, but was more holistic in its sweep.

Last year I ‘ran on instinct’ with no deliberate planning to keep me focused. I had a few primary objectives and I think for the most part I got there.

But as a person who values achievement highly I really don’t find much joy in ambling thru life. I want to make the most of it, accomplish as much as I can etc. So its back to being my old self a bit this year.

Plan – work – evaluate – plan – work – evaluate.

I sense part of why I was so loose last year was that in a year of mess and transition it was hard to develop any regular disciplines. When my disciplines are good I find my life ticks along well. When my disciplines are poor I invariably feel like I am coasting.

Now I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nor should it be. But here’s hoping that this year will be a year of doing what I sense God calling me to do. Not just stumbling along and hoping for the best!

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