Off to Broome

Tomorrow we leave Hedland for Broome and I am really looking forward to it.

On our trip last year Broome was one of our favorite spots. The warm weather and stunning Cable Beach were enough to convince us to stay 10 days, the longest time we spent in any one place.

We heard last week that all caravan parks are fully booked, but then one of our old ‘youth group kids’ – now an adult friend and a teacher up there told us we could use her place while she is away.


So we will likely stay there till Friday and make the most of it. It will be nice to have power again and to be able to crank up the coffee machine! I actually had a fantastic flat white at Muffin Break in South Hedland today (what a surprise) but I’m ready to have my own brew happening again.

We will leave Broome as school holidays end and wend our way back down the coast staying warm for as long as possible.

I’m guessing we will stop at a couple of rivers for free camping, spend some time in Exmouth, Warroora Station and maybe Kalbarri if we get time. But I’m guessing we will be pushing it.

Whatever the case we are well wound down and back in the swing of traveling. The challenge will be coming home again!

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