Ok, so not a runner…

Well today confirmed all of our suspicions…

Sam is not going to break any world speed records in his lifetime.

He was in the last heat of the boys 50 m and you can tell by the lack of any other runners in sight where he came in this race!

Ellie (on the left in blue) ran fourth and was pretty pleased.

I am thinking of putting them both up for adoption.

9 thoughts on “Ok, so not a runner…

  1. School sports days – GREAT memories, but you remind me as well for some great trauma days as well.

    BTW – are there any runners behind him in the top pic?

  2. What a cutie! (Sam…only because I can’t see Ellie!) Sam reminds me of the little boy that ran on the track with me every morning during summer break from 8 until 9. He was with a gymnastics group that met at the track for conditioning training. They were there like clock work every morning and the little blond headed preschool boy would walk most of the time but when I would run past he would take off running and then peter out. I would pass him and tell him what a good job he did and he would smile really big. Sam looks like he had fun and that is his job these days so he did a VERY GOOD job! I’ll adopt him and take Ellie as icing on the cake!

  3. I was last in every race I ever ran/swam at school. Dead last, extremely convincingly last. And look how I turned out.

    (wondering if that’s a good or bad thing)

    I still don’t run, but these days at least I can blame it on the high heels 😀

  4. my young fella’s egg and spoon race was getting nasty in the stands today! It was my first sports carnival as a parent. I can see it could bring some issues to the surface for me!!

    Question: is it okay to make your child sleep outside for a night if they don’t win?

  5. Answer – if you have to ask, then you need to take some concrete pills.

    Hamo – I’ve met your kids. They’re cute, and housetrained. They can live with us for a while.

    I coach my son’s soccer team. He’s not the best on the team, and not the worst. But he plays different from how I would play. That sometimes makes me mad. It’s a pity I can’t pass as a 9yo and go play on the team.

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