Old Blokes Rule


A mate has started selling a range of surf-gear for ‘old blokes’ He gave me one with this logo on it, but you can go to the website and check out the other designs.

I love it and reckon its pretty good stuff for those of us who can’t quite claim to be young any more…

5 thoughts on “Old Blokes Rule

  1. Mate, Gav brought me back one of the “Old Blokes Rule” T shirts from Queensland when he came. Jeanne wouldn’t let me wear it for a while becuse she reckoned it looked like I was making a statement about events that have been going on around here recently.

  2. hahaha Karola loved this shirt so much she ordered one for her brother in Cape Town who is turning 50 soon. Not that 50 is old mind you. Love your commentary!

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