On a Different Note

This weekend is our FORGE storyfest.

Last night the maverick John Jenson shared stories of life on the edge, mission amongst marginal groups and the priority of working towards real christian community.

I learnt some valuable stuff off John last night – particularly that people won’t see our love for each other if it always happens in the confines of a church building. Its good for us to ‘get out’ a bit more… John

Today we listened to Ash Barker share some of his story with UNOH


Ash told us that last year Australians spent 2 billion dollars on international aid and the exact same amount of pet care. I found this so challenging that I have decided to get rid of our dog.

After a 3 am morning and 1 am last night while watching the cricket with John I am feeling like I need a tad more sleep.

Tomorrow Daz altclass of Third Place Communities in Hobart does his thing and then I am off to speak at Parkerville Baptist church.

The week ahead doesn’t look like easing up as Danele heads up to Halls Creek from Monday to Friday while I look after the kids and try to get a normal working week in.

Its been a cruisy two weeks so I am about due to ramp it up a bit.

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