On second thoughts

I woke this morning and realised I don’t want to buy into someone else’s argument like I did yesterday with the Driscoll / McClaren post.

While I am happy to give my opinion, (and still find the whole censorship thing absurd) I found myself actually enjoying the biffo more than I should. A bit sick I realise but there you go… Stuff like this doesn’t bring out the best in me, so I have removed the two posts and probably won’t have anything more to say about it.

Its a reminder to me how easy it is to type words online and give opinions but lose sight of the real people at the end of the line.

I hope Driscoll and McClaren can find a way forward that allows them to disagree, but doesn’t become the fiasco it is now. They are obviously people who have much that is valuable to say to the church.

And in the words of Gump ‘That’s all I have to say about that’.

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