On Second Thoughts…

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: After some thought we figured we’d probably buy the camper at the price previously agreed as it was still in very good nick albeit not as old as we had thought.

However I also figured it wouldn’t hurt to politely ask if he would reconsider his price. I know I tend to respond better to a request than to someone trying to jostle me, so I texted a message simply asking if we would consider a reduction in price. He responded by knocking it down by $500.00. It was a deal and everyone was happy.

The moral of the story? It never hurts to ask the question 🙂

We picked up the new Patrol today and its a great driving car. Very pleased indeed.

We also bought a camper trailer yesterday, but that has become a little more complicated. Here’s the situation… let me know what you think…

The trailer was advertised as a 2002 Jayco Eagle (on-road) with a full annexe, TV & microwave. He had it in the Quokka for $16000.00 and after some haggling we agreed $15250 was a fair price. So we got the money out today to pay for it, but then got a call telling us he had made a mistake and it was actually a 2000 model…

Hmmm… While it is in excellent condition it is also 2 years older than I thought. I think it was a genuine mistake and not someone scamming. We asked for 24 hours to ponder it as I’m less convinced that is a good price for a vehicle that old.

But then I’m not a camper trailer expert.

There’s no question as to the condition of the camper. It is an 8/10 all thru and I have no problems with it in that regard. It would serve us well and we were looking forward to bringing it home.

The question is more related to resale. Can you get as good resale on an older camper?…

Any experts out there?…

9 thoughts on “On Second Thoughts…

  1. My suggetsion would be grab the camper and travel Aust anti clockwise and then you will be able to sell it for a profit in a Pilbra town on your way home. I am serious about this as the patrol you have bought would of gone for $18k plus in Karratha and I have spoken to numerous people who have bought caravans and travelled for 2 years and got back what they paid for them!

  2. Hi Ash – this is a great idea, only we are leaving in April/may so it makes more sense to go north first…

    There is good resale on these babies so it might just be worth the $$$

  3. 80% quality?

    Try for 80% of the advertised price!

    It may have been a simple mistake on the seller’s part, but mistakes should cost something… (they do in my industry)

  4. If I had of known earlier you were buying this, I could have given you the market value for something like this! We have little books and websites here at work to work out the real value of assets!! Spewing I didn’t read your post earlier!!!

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