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In the first 5 years of our marriage we moved house a heap of times – there was a 2 bedroom unit, a townhouse, a build, a rental while we built and then a home in the hills in Lesmurdie. We stayed there 8 years and loved it up there.

As someone who loves change it was hard staying put, but we really did have a ‘home’ that felt great to live in so any changes were going to be difficult. Then we moved to Butler and we have lived in this place for 8 and a bit years. We tried to build a home that would match our lifestyle and this one really does that. With a study, main bed and lounge at the front and then the kids areas at the back it makes it easy to work from home, entertain and have guests stay over.

But lately we have been considering change. And when Danelle is considering it too you know its got a fair crack of happening! I was catching up with my mate Jono up in Yanchep the other day and chatting in his front yard when he pointed out a house in the next street back that was for sale. It looked nice but I figured that it would probably be out of our price range.

I got home and had a look on the net and saw that it wasn’t at all, but it did have a great vibe and felt like the kind of place we would like to move to next. We’ve been finding this kind of suburbia a tad tedious and sameish and would like something a little more spacious and unique. We still have commitments in the northern coastal area so we didn’t want to move anyway far away but Yanchep looks like a new frontier in many ways and ‘old Yanchep’ is a bit of a village in that area.

So we had a look at the house, then another look… and both of us thought ‘what the hell – let’s give it a crack!’ Its an older ‘pole home’ style place on a quarter acre ‘sand dune’ block about a street back from the beach. It has some big sheds, good ocean views and some great verandahs for hanging out on. We aren’t particularly interested in moving for movings sake, but this place grabbed us. So we have put our place on the market and if it sells we will move. If it doesn’t then we won’t be heartbroken. We’ll just tonk along here and do business as usual.

Anyway this post is partly to let you know what we’re doing but also to put a link to our own home that we are selling to try and rank it a bit higher with google 🙂 We had thought we were going to get about $480K for this one but we had agents come thru the other day and it doesn’t look so exciting. My question is always ‘what price will it sell for?’ rather than ‘what is optimistic?’ as there is no point it sitting on the market for 6 months because its too expensive.

The tip is that the market is dead, nothing is selling, there are 200 houses for sale around here and we can expect it to sell around $460K. So we’ll put it out there and see if we can find a buyer.

Oh and we’re selling privately. We’ve sold out last few houses privately and had no dramas. I’m sure there are some great agents out there, but there are 15000 reasons we are going to stick with private.

So here’s the link. If you want to move to Butler this is your big chance…

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