On the Road Again

On Saturday morning we hit the road again.

It’s been 8 months since we came back from the big lap and we are all ready for the break. Strangely last week was one of my busiest for the year so I finished it exhausted. We had planned to meet my good mate Stuart Wesley and family in the morning and drive with them to Karajini, but the fact that they were leaving at 6.30 banged that idea on the head pretty quickly.

At 8.00pm Friday night I was just starting to think of holidays so a 6 am start was never going to happen! Danelle had prepared heaps, but we still had the car to pack, the camper to organise and then there was a bunch of quotes and invoices to email.

We left at 9.00…

I hate leaving for holidays stressed and annoyed because we’ve been rushing or are just disorganised, so we made a choice to simply leave when we were ready.

So tonight we are in Newman caravan park after getting as far as Mt Magnet last night. We were lucky to get that far with our first toilet stop at the Brighton shops 500m from home.

Tonight is quite mild by pilbara winter standards (8 deg C) but last night was icy and as the cloud clears I’m sure we will have more of the same. Tomorrow we leave for a campground in Karajini where we will catch Stu and family and spend a few days.

We weren’t planning on going to Broome, but the chill in the air is making us think it could be worth the drive. The seafood pizza at Zanders in Cable beach is enough to get me back!

The stretch of road between Perth and Newman really is one of the most boring drives in all of Oz! I love the Pilbara, but getting here really sucks.

The kids have slotted back into travel mode, but Sam has been dribbling incessantly and I am about to throttle him if he doesn’t shut up.

We are looking forward to a good break. My right elbow is giving me huge pain from tendonitis caused by work so it really needs a rest. I don’t think I could have worked next week even if I wanted to. We also have lots to think about and decisions to make, so a chance to get away from it all is welcomed.

I’m not sure how much I will post on here, but given the lousy phone reception in the NW of WA it might not be often!

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