On This Day in History…

It was 12 months ago to the day that we were wrapping up our round Oz adventure and getting ready to head home.

Funnily enough we were in Busselton then, as we are now. It’s one of our favourite places and has that definite ‘we could live here’ feel to it. Right now that’s not possible, but in a few years time it might be a different proposition.

This has been a short 5 day getaway after a busy few months with church and Retic work. We haven’t ‘done much’, but then that was kinda the plan.

Simple R & R and then head home and get back into it. We didn’t particularly plan to be back here in an exact 12 months, but that’s how it has turned out. 

You gotta be grateful for space in your life to chill, regroup and recharge

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