On Wittenoom

I’ve found Wittenoom a real curiosity since going there last week. So tonight Danelle and I spent an hour or two googling and reading stories, looking at pictures and watching a video that gives insights into the lives of the 7 people still living there.

I won’t throw all the links down here but you might like to watch this great little video that is a doco on the lives of the remaining residents. What’s interesting and rather tragic is that (according to the video) the 7 who live (the video shows 8, but ‘Les’ has since died) there don’t actually get on with one another.

Wittenoom from Caro Macdonald on Vimeo.

I guess you’ve got to have some kind of quirky, hermit like tendencies to live in a spot like that, but how bizarre to live with 6 other people and not engage…

Its a well made video and highlights some of the oddities about the place as well as a little history. There is also a great collection of images here where I have taken the two images above from.

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