One Week

It’s just one week until holidays. At the start of the year it felt like it would never come but I’ve got thru and next Sunday after church we head off for a while to have a change of pace.

We are going south to Margaret River until Wednesday to use up a 3 night apartment stay I booked earlier in the year but didnt use. Then it’s back home for a night before hitting the road north. It’s such an awesome feeling heading north. I’m not quite sure what it is but I know that once I hit the road in that direction there is an accompanying sense of release that I don’t get when I head other places.

I’m guessing it might be the remoteness and the shift in the landscape. When you’re that far away it really doesn’t matter what is happening at home – you are in another world.

I think that’s what we need at the moment. A few weeks to clear our heads, remove ourselves from the stresses of just living and working and enjoy a completely different headspace. When people ask me how long we are going for I can only respond with ‘a few weeks’. It might be 3, it might be 4 or it might be 5… Maybe even 6 if we feel we need it. I don’t want to feel to pinned down to a specific return date, but neither do I want to feel ‘trapped’ on holidays if we are ready to come home.

Right now I’m feeling pretty rested because life is in its winter rhythm and I am not flat out. Some days I think I don’t even need a holiday. But I also know that there is something special that happens when you actually do hit the road and leave all responsibilities behind.

I havent figured out how to go ‘phoneless’ or ’emailless’ yet while on a break. (Oh I know how to do it, but I am not sure if it’s what I want.) I tend to be able to switch off easily and screen calls but I also want to be able to tee up work for when I return so I’m not scratching around doing nothing for the first two weeks back. So it’s a trade off… and one of the possible down sides of running a small business.

Still it’s a small part of the bigger picture. Where are we headed? Well… ‘north’ Aside from a week in Exmouth we will be making it up as we go a d that’s how I like it!

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