Oops That’d Be The ‘Superbank’

I took some time to drive down the coast on my own today and check out the surf at some different places. It was onshore slop in Surfers so I wasn’t holding great hope, but as I drove I saw a few nice waves.

Burleigh was ok but pretty busy and Currumbin didn’t look too bad either. I drove down as far as D’Bah where there were about 100 guys in the water – admittedly the best wave I had seen all day, but I just couldn’t bring myself to entering the dogfight. I don’t enjoy that kind of surfing and never have.

So I made my way back to a smaller but half decent looking wave in Rainbow Bay. The next couple of hours were pretty sweet with some half decent right handers peeling thru and no great crowd. The arms were like jelly when I got out but it was worth it.

While out there I discovered that I was actually surfing what was the ‘Superbank’. It was one of the most legendary waves in Oz as the local council pumped sand out of the Tweed River and it created magic banks around the corner a bit giving some of the longest rides you can imagine.

All that has changed now as the sand shifting has stopped, but its still good enough for old blokes who hate crowds!

Here it is at its ‘best’ and worst with mega crowds


This was it was today. A rather pale reflection, but it’ll do…


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