Opposite of Incarnational

Thanks for the thoughts on the previous post – it is a question I discussed today with our breakfast group.

We meet each month to read and discuss a chapter of Al Hirsch’s book – ‘Shaping of Things to Come’. There was no great answer forthcoming from the group, but I have a theory gestating.

Someone once said ‘the opposite of love is not hate – its indifference’.

Perhaps the opposite of incarnational is not attractional – maybe it is formulaic?

I say that because maybe somewhere there is a culture where an attractional church would be the most effective way to make disciples – in that context it would be incarnational… true?

So perhaps what we need to guard against is ever constructing a nice neat formula for mission and church that doesn’t allow us to be incarnational. If we were to ban all attractional churches then we might shoot ourelves in the foot at some point…

Anyway that’s what I think today.

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