Ordinary Time

If you follow the church calendar you’d know we are back in ‘ordinary time’, the days and weeks that don’t seem to have any special significance, as distinct from advent, easter etc. Ordinary time can seem quite… well… ‘ordinary’, but for the rest to be special we need to have the ‘ordinary’.

I was meeting with Ryan this morning, our youth pastor at QBC and reflecting that as a church we seem to be in ‘ordinary time’. Its a steady period where things are ticking along and there isn’t much to either get wildly excited about, nor to get madly depressed about. You could go looking for the next hill to climb (as I regularly do) or you could accept that we need these periods as part of our health.

I sense we need ‘ordinary time’ in between the highs and lows just to allow us to experience some regularity and some consistency. I used to detest the ‘ordinary’, but given most of life is extraordinarily ordinary I am learning to value it and the place it holds in both my own personal psyche and our collective psyche.

Its a time to walk steadily and enjoy all around that is good as we wait to hear from God and reflect on what comes next.

2 thoughts on “Ordinary Time

  1. I reckon ‘Ordinary’ is when we learn who we really are, and how we really respond.

    It’s when we learn whether or not we are content as people.

    I think it’s when we have time to relate because we want to relate… not because there’s something to organise.

    I LOVE ordinary time.

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