I have been to a lot of conferences in my 45 years, (many of them well worth every cent), but if you asked me which one I’d like to go to next I’d have to say ‘there isn’t one’.

I reckon you could bring the greatest line up of gurus from all over the world to Perth to talk about some of my favourite interests and I probably wouldn’t be bothered attending. I don’t think its that I have lost interest in the issues, but after a while it just seems there isn’t a lot of new stuff to consider.

Of course I understand the social value of conferences and that is well and good, but I can have lunch with a few mates any time I like and get the same result. If I am going to shell out some $$ and spend a few days of my life in a meeting room then I want it to be an exceptional time and one where I am challenged intellectually and inspired to action.

I know there are plenty of great communicators out there and I don’t for a moment think I have finished learning. I am just not convinced that I am going to be heading off to many conferences in the future.

I wonder if anyone else feels similarly?…

Is it an age you get to, or have we just been stung with a glut of conferences in the last 20 years. (And yes I realise I write this as one who spent the last 6 years of life organising learning events for people!)

4 thoughts on “Over-Conferenced

  1. Feel the same. Although I am going to check out “Rusty Springs”, “a four day celebration of lifestyle, well-being and spirituality. There will be a range of forums and workshops, with arts and live music.” no mention of Christian. But put on by the Solace mob…

  2. I wonder as well with the ease of finding video’s etc of speakers on any topic we like that the need to fly someone over to hear them is declining.

    As you said the face to face interaction with people is one of the drawcards, but you showed how it can be worked around.

    I went to a large church planting conference in the US last year with some of the biggest name speakers. But I found it really hard to meet people and the conference was a disappoint me for me.

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