Overload? (Or just a bad day?…)

Most days I love having my finger in about 5 pies at once!

Today I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the different hats I wear. I must confess to not feeling like I am in control like I should be.

My primary roles outside of home are:

Brighton team leader – I think we are doing ok
Forge WA Director – I think we are doing ok too
Soon to be Phys Ed Teacher – this scares me a bit as I still rarely even think about it. Hopefully I will get some passion up for it soon!
Ovesight of Church Planting for Baptist Churches – this is a voluntary role so I could ‘cruise’ in it – but that’s not me. I want to see us plant effective new churches so I am committed to this. I want to see this take off, but it gets the left overs of my energy and creativity.

Today though my head hurts… it feels like too divergent a playing field.

If I could make 22k and not teach I’d be interested…

Nothing is in a mess at present, but I am finding it hard to focus on 4 things at once.

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