Palm Springs

The backside of nowhere really can be a beautiful place…

For the last few days we were camped at Palm Springs, an inland water hole/billabong 45 km east of Halls Creek and a little piece of paradise.

We heard about it thru Greg and Danielle and decided we should stop and have a look. They didn’t take their camper in which made us a little cautious, but operating on the premise that careful people are regularly disappointed we decided to take it down the 45km track and spend a couple of nights out there.

About 10kms in we were wondering if we’d made the right choice as we were making it rattle and shake and wondering just what it would be like when we arrived. The casualties were the fridge exhaust and vents which completely fell off – some are still lying somewhere on the road – and a fair old smattering of bulldust over everything.

But the price we paid was well worth the journey in. With only 1 or 2 other campers out there as well as an aboriginal family we really had a very special time.

I found the place particularly beautiful – which is a big statement when you have seen a lot of different spots. It was lush green and the water was cool and refreshing. It was cool at night, warm during the day and a great place for adults and kids to hang out.

In many ways those few days typified what we had hoped our trip would be like. Free camping in a sensational spot, away from the crowds and yet with a few other people to share the campfire.

If you’re up that way then I reckon its well worth the hour’s drive to get there and enjoy it, but don’t just go for the afternoon… camp out and make the most of it. free bullitt

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2 thoughts on “Palm Springs

  1. We used to head out to palm springs as often as we could, often with a big flatbed truck full of kids and their families from town – either after church or for another youth program event.

    But i reckon context is a biggie too hamo – I think for palm springs to be ESPECIALLY beautiful it needs to be that 45km out of a town that is 700km from the ocean one direction and 350km the other… along a corrugated-ridden bulldust track. Where, as you come over each new hill, there is hope that you might have “arrived” only to find another valley, until finally, you hit that last high plain and can see sawpit (not sure why the tourism dept calls it sawtooth – all the locals call it sawpit gorge) and you know that relief is only a few more minutes away.

    The number of times we would pull into palm springs and there would just be bodies flying in all directions to get into the water as fast as possible – classic. And the old girls would all come and sit by the water (kind of like Donelle in your photos – but she is much younger of course!) and a few of us would get some wood and start a fire to make some nulija (tea) or get the bbq plate ready for a sausage sizzle.

    You’re right – it is an especially beautiful place

    ahh take me back…

  2. Did you go round to Sawpit Hamo? Nice too. Gee I agree with Matty, such an amazing place. In fact we came across these sights before Halls Creek as we came in that way from the NT through the Buchanan Hwy. Long dry road!

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