Palm Sunday

Jarrod McKenna

For those interested I’ve been invited to be the Christian speaker at the Freo Palm Sunday Peace Rally. Here’s the details:

16 Mar 2008 – 12:00pm

“Troops out of Iraq and Afganistan, No more war on terror – defend civil liberties, renewables not wars for oil.”

Kings Square, Adelaide St, Fremantle (outside town hall). igor dvd

Come and say G’day if you’re there. ANd please pray yhtat I might share the gospel faithfully and that God might move in power.

Grace and peace,


5 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. From all freedback really well. Many people said afterwards it was the most moving part of the day and it started some fantastic and colourful confersations about Christ, Christianity and what our world is going threw.

  2. Oh, then last night I was at a gig at Murdoch and had three different people that I hadn’t met before come up and said they had heard me at the rally, that they thought it was great and that they’d like to talk about things more… So I guess that’s a good sign. 🙂

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