Pambula Magic


Ok – this is another post for my surfer friends…

We spent the last 4 or 5 days in the little town of Pambula in southern NSW. The point break at Pambula is said to be one of the Australia’s best waves but it rarely breaks these days and didn’t while we were there… So I headed out to the beachie instead and it was pretty nice.

We were staying at the ‘Pambula Hilton’ – a caravan park with everything (even heated bathroom floors!) and right on the beachfront. Its usually $56.00/night for a family of 4, but because it was winter they waived the kids cost and charged us $36.00. If you’re down that way I can recommend it as a great place to stay.

The first day we were there was good with some nice offshore waves and a small crowd but yesterday morning was fantastic. What was supposed to be a stormy day turned offshore and was a sweet 3ft with peaks all up the beach and a really good one just 50m from where we were staying.

We were due to move on… but who could leave when it was as good as this?…

There was no one out and although it was cold, it was probably the best surf of the trip. I’ve uploaded some pics below…


Needless to say it was very hard to move on…



And those walls held up!



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