Partners in Experimentation

Today I had coffee with Steve Ingram and Peter Birt, Pastors from Parkerville Baptist Church, and two blokes I have an enormous amount of respect for.

Parkerville are one of the churches who have agreed to partner with us as sponsors over the coming financial year. They are also keen to experiment with a variety of modes of mission to reach different people and it is great to have their support and endorsement.

We have been very blessed to have a number of churches supporting us with hard cold cash, making it possible for us to do what we do.

This year my old home base (Scarborough Baptist) gave us a very significant gift that has helped us and in the coming financial year Parkerville Baps, East Fremantle Baps, Como Baps and Network Vineyard have all agreed to help us with financial support.

As well as these churches a number of individuals have supported us as they have sensed God leading them and it has been great to experience that affirmation.

Thanks to all who have joined us with us. It is great to share the journey!

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