Party’s Over!

From here on in I imagine you will be hearing less from me on this site.

I have enjoyed the experience of sharing my thoughts and reflections for the last 9 months, but now that my various work commitments have increased I expect to have less time to spend waffling on here!

As a person who loves writing I doubt I will stop posting regularly, but in my own head I am making the choice to drop blogging much lower on my list of daily priorities.

I initially started blogging as a way of helping our friends keep track of the journey we are on as a missionary team. But as I have moved into the Brighton area I have noticed that I am more and more reticent to say anything about my neighbours or those we hang out with. It is more often than not inappropriate and I don’t want to write stuff that will damage relationships or that I will regret.

I’m not sure where it’s all heading, but I do know that change is coming!winter of frozen dreams download free proximity dvdrip download

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