Pay Rise…

Baptist pastors in WA have just had a pay rise.

At least the denomination is recommending a pay rise that is in keeping with what is typical for pastors in other states. Whether pastors actually get it is another matter as all churches are totally autonomous on this issue.

However it does look interesting. From a top dollar that was around $45K, pastors now can hope for/expect the following:

Non accredited / student $46K

Accredited $ 48K

Senior minister with 5 years exp $53K

Team leader of multi-staff team $56K

Add to this the 50% non reportable frnge benefits tax and it starts to look like a decent wage.

Of course it doesn’t change my life one bit!

I wonder what impact this will actually have on churches. Will they pay the new rate, or will they cut the pastor to .8 FTE to suit, or will they negotiate a different deal altogether?…

I am an unaccredited minister, so despite my 16 years experience in a range of church settings and my other experience I would be on the lowest rate possible. Should I go and study Baptist distinctives and jump some hoops to get myself in the game?…

Or do I just not care that much!

I have often said that if one day I go back to an established church and the sticking point is my non-accreditation then I am seeking a role in the wrong church anyway.

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