Danelle suggested I need to buy this shirt the other day…

Fair enough, I’m not a ‘natural people person’ and don’t mind long slabs of my own company, but lately I’ve been hanging to see some friends and people with whom I can have a more significant and intelligent conversation about things other than caravans!

It was good to see Jarrod and Simon up in Yeppoon and hear some of their story and then last night to catch Carson and Tanya, friends who have moved over here.

We’ve been with Steve & Felicity Turner on the Sunshine Coast for a few days and will be here till Wednesday. We connected with these guys thru Forge and its been great to see their place and observe them at work. Brilliant missionaries and wonderful people!

Tomorrow I am heading down to Brisbane to connect with some of the missional leaders in a local informal network in the city before having lunch with Brett in the afternoon. Again that will be refreshing and inspiring.

Then on Wednesday we leave the Sunshine coast and head into Brisbane. I’m looking forward to spending some time with Brent, before heading up to spend the evening with Ken and Leanne who are also inspiring missionaries.

From there we head to Murwhillhumbah (did I spell it right this time Kel!?) to see Jason and Willow before our week of living in the Gold Coast under a solid roof. Hopefully we will get a chance to see Gaz somewhere in there as well.

As much as I am not a rabid party animal I really need to spend time around people like these to feel like I am still alive and kicking. So I’m looking forward to the next few days and the connections we will make.

1 thought on “Peeeepillll!

  1. oooh, love that t-shirt

    you’re still following in mr x’s footsteps, very skillful with phonetic spelling

    A+ for creativity


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