1_19ihv67-19ihv69I’ve been following the unfolding drama of Flight MH370 as it has happened over the last two weeks – a massive tragedy for those with loved ones on board – but at this point I find myself wondering how much more money will be invested in searching for the dead?

I began thinking this a few days after it had disappeared. The prognosis was that it was unlikely for the plane to be found with people alive on it, but as the search has gone on and taken on epic proportions I have become disturbed at how much of our resources have gone into finding ‘dead people’ while millions who are still alive go hungry etc.

Its an ongoing conundrum – I get that – but maybe its past time to say ‘tragic/sad/devastating’ but from here on the money that would have gone into locating the dead will be rerouted into helping those who are close to death, but still have hope.

So maybe that’s not a popular thought, but if I think we sometimes lose perspective.



2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. A lot of people would like to know as much as possible of what happened. To that end I thinking it is worth hunting it down and finding the black box etc.

  2. It’s not about finding bodies now, but instead about making sure we know why, and to ensure more aircraft don’t disappear in the same way in the future. If it DID come down in the sea then few bodies will be found anyway. The money is ‘justified’ by ensuring people remain confident in being able to fly round the world in safety.

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