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If you’re a friend and interested in keeping in seeing a more visual take on our trip then you might want to check out my facebook site where I will regularly upload photos.

Its one of the beauties of the Iphone – that anywhere with 3G access means the Facebook application works and we can keep things up to date.

For those who aren’t facebookers it would mean that you would have to join… Maybe not something you want to do I know…

But that’s where the pics will be… so if you’re interested then click on the facebook image to the left.

Our kids have also started a blog here

scooby doo and the loch ness monster free

dreamland dvd

of relafen effects side

5 thoughts on “Pics & Kids Blog

  1. Well I’m not one who’s ‘into’ Facebook (mostly because I don’t have the time) but maybe taking a sticky-beak to see your photos might help my own ‘dreaming’ as I do the 9-5 thing here at the office… !



  2. “… might even inspire you to give the 9-5 thing away!”

    Well it just might. Actually ‘f/t ministry’ for me isn’t really 9-5 anyway. You know how it is. There’s the evenings, the hours spent doing stuff that is somewhere inbetween ‘work’ and ‘play’ because I just don’t see people/relationships as ‘work’ to be put on a time-sheet. There’s the evangelism, the encouraging, the challenging, the helping people understand the Bible better, the setting an example for others 24/7 (which I feel I am pretty shoddy at, btw). So hmm, maybe Rom. 12:1,2 is really about 24/7 if we want to introduce a time-frame to things…

    … but this musing had better stop before I spend less time with the family tonight! Have a great trip and enjoy the books.

    Bat on!



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