Planning for Availability

One of the top priorities for all of us here in Brighton is to be available to connect with people in the community in a whole heap of different ways.

Last week I ‘planned my year’ and allocated times to do different tasks related to Forge, our Brighton team and the coaching job. I figured if I blocked time out then I would not avoid the difficult tasks. I knew it would not be easy to keep to it…

Yesterday AM was scheduled for Forge prep and planning, but the opportunity to go fishing and diving with some of the guys came up… With a 39 degree day scheduled and a lot of fun to be had with a couple of guys from round here how could a man refuse!? It waWater_1s a great time although I had a very small breakfast at 6.00am and we didn’t get home until 3.30pm… How hungry was I?…

Today was scheduled for coaching work, but James has taken a day off work to finish his backyard. I reckon he could use a hand as they are getting ready for an ‘inspection’ tomorrow to become a registered child care centre. Fortunately (or unfortunately…) the coaching job hasn’t started yet, so that’s where I will be this morning – moving dirt.

Maybe this afternoon that Forge prep will get done – maybe something else will ‘pop up’. I think part of the life of a missionary is to be available to spend time with people when they are available. In our busy world that can be difficult because my life is as full as anyone’s. Perhaps its a matter of establishing what are top priorities and what are secondary.

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